Hi, I’m Sylvia Enchanted Forest Founder

Enchanter Forest  mission  

Our  mission  was to create not just a business, but a community of like-minded people. A space for people to gain an understanding of how internal change can create external change - not the other way around. If we keep ourselves trapped in the past, we will never heal from our traumas. 

Every one of us has been unknowingly conditioned by our families, environment and society, and in the process we forget who we are, and we lose sight of our childhood dreams. Like most of us, my story is a balance between suffering and joy; but I proved to myself that I can overcome challenges and learn from them. I can heal from the inside out. I can be present and focused. I can reach for my dreams. After realizing this, I feel the need to share this learning with others. Everyone is capable of embracing life to the fullest, and living to their highest potential. This is the collective belief of the Enchanted Forest team.